About Our Pastor

Pastor Steven A. Baer, is the founder and head Pastor of Blessed Hope Baptist Church


    I was born and raised in a good home in Northern Indiana.  My mother brought me up in the Lutheran denomination, I thought of myself as being a religious person.  I graduated High School, and attended college for two years at Indiana State University, but dropped out because of poor grades.  I worked in a steel mill in Northwest Indiana for a year; before enlisting in the US Navy in the winter of 1975. This turned out to be one of the best things I could have done at the time, for a couple of reasons: First of all, the military gave me structure, tempered my pride, and led me to appreciate sacrifice. Secondly, I met three men who were interested in my soul.  I was uninterested at first and quite argumentative when they tried to witness to me; at times I was down-right mean to them, but I am thankful for their persistence and the Lord’s longsuffering. On December 29, 1976 I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.  Nine months later having been honorably discharged from the Navy, I made my way over to Pensacola, FL and attended Pensacola Bible Institute for three years.  During that time, I was personally discipled by Ron and Ali Burress, and through them I met my wife Laurie (outside of getting saved, the second best thing I ever did).

    Following graduation Laurie and I, along with the first of our 5 children (Steven Jr, Jessica, Jason, David, and Jennifer), made our way by the leading of the Lord, to Lockport, NY.  We ministered in the church there for 6 years in various capacities. One of those ministries was personal discipleship; where I invested my time and life into someone who was interested in learning about the Lord and his word. I wanted to show whoever was willing; that the Christian life was a life lived 24/7.  Just as Ron and Ali showed my wife and I that the Lord was worth living for, I wanted to show others the same thing. Over the years the Lord has blessed us with many people, whom we have had a small part of their Christian life.

    My family and I left the church in Lockport, and started attending another church a little further south, just outside of the Buffalo, NY area. We remained there for 25 years; once again serving in various capacities.

    In the late Winter, or early Spring of 2012, the Lord confirmed a call, and direction in my life: to start this church here in the neighborhood of South Buffalo, NY.  Blessed Hope Baptist Church held its first service on September 2, 2012.

    It has been a joy and a privilege to minister and preach the word of God to this church, and to reach out to this community with Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I look forward along with my family, to see what the Lord will do with us here, as we submit to his will.