About Us

What We Believe, Our Statement of Faith for Blessed Hope Baptist Church

Pastor Steven A. BaerYou are ALL invited to come join us for a church service and hear from the Word of God.

The Holy Scriptures

We believe the Bible was written by men, divinely inspired of God. It is God’s revelation to man, to convey what he wants him to know.

We believe God has preserved his word, as he promised he would do. We believe his word is found preserved without error in the 1611 Authorized Version, also known as the King James Version.  It is this church’s sole authority in all matters of faith and practice.

  • 2 Peter 1:19-21

  • 2 Timothy 3:15-17

  • Hebrews 4:12

  • Psalm 12:6,7


We believe in One God, manifest in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

  • 1 John 5:7

  • Matthew 3:16,17

  • 2 Corinthians 13:4

Jesus Christ

We believe Jesus Christ is God Manifest in the flesh, commended of God to be man’s propitiation, 

by faith through his blood.

  • 1 Timothy 3:16

  • Romans 3:25


We believe Man is sinful by nature, and unable to save himself. Therefore he is in need of a savior to clear him of his sin debt.

  • Rom 3:10-20

  • Is 59:2


We believe redemption is a purchased gift by the Savior Jesus Christ. He was crucified, shedding his own blood to make an atonement for the souls of men, buried and rose again, that man might have the gift of eternal life through faith in his finished work.

  • Acts 20:28

  • John 3:16

  • Romans 5:18,21


We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, through which we have the hope of our resurrection.

  • John 11:25,26

  • Romans 6:9

  • 1Corinthians 15:52


We believe in the pre-millennial, bodily return of Jesus Christ for his Church (the sum of Born Again Believers, regardless of denominational labels).

  • 1Thessalonians 1:10

  • 1Thessalonians 4:13-18

  • John 14:1-3

  • Acts 1:9-11

We also believe the Lord Jesus Christ will return with his Saints at the end of the tribulation, in the 2nd Advent, to judge the Antichrist and the world.  He will then set up his Millennial Kingdom.

  • Revelation 19:11-21

  • Revelation 20:1-7


We believe that the Scriptures are interpreted, in their context, in a literal sense, unless it is absolutely impossible to do so.  We believe in order to do this the word must be rightly divided, in what we call Dispensations.  This gives the scriptures cohesion, and the apparent contradictions are clarified and  satisfied in their context.